Low Cost Garmin GPS 18x LVC OEM Timing System

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New - USB Power Option for NTP Servers

Garmin Part Number: 010-00321-36

Last Updated: 05/25/2019


GPS 18x LVC Specifications:

USB Power Y-Cable for Extension Cable 


Garmin GPS 18x LVC: $90.00 each plus shipping. Price includes the female 9-Pin RS-232 connector soldered to the signal/power cable.

50 Foot (15.24m) RS-232 Extension Cable Option: $25.00

USB Power Option: $20.00 With this option I solder the USB power cable directly to the DB9 connector alone with the wires from the GPS receiver. This option can be used if the receiver will be near the computer. The Y-Cable option below can be used if you want to extend the cable between the computer and the receiver and have the computer supply the power to the receiver.

USB Y-Cable Option: $35.00 This option allows the user to power the receiver at the end of an RS-232 extension cable. See photo above.  

Please see this page for ordering information. This item is in-stock.

Additional Information


The documentation for the GPS18x receiver can be downloaded from here


The Garmin GPS 18x Timing System as been tested with the following software packages:

9-Pin Serial Connector Pinout:

The Garmin GPS18x LVC receiver is shipped from the manufacturer with a small JST test connector. This connector is removed and a 9-Pin RS-232 female connector is soldered to the end of the cable. This is done so the receiver can be plugged into the 16 Bit PSN-ADC-SERIAL Analog to Digital Converter board. Below is the pinout and wire color of the 9-Pin connector. 

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