Local Radiation Level Plots - Year 2014

Geiger Counter Information

Note: All times are UTC/GMT 

Daily Plots

Above: High radiation alarm testing continues until 3/7/2014 2:30 UTC  - More Information

Above: High radiation alarm testing using a small piece of Uranium Ore begins at 3/6/2014 23:30 UTC - More Information

Note slight increase in the background radiation starting around 6:00 and ending around 16:00 UTC. This was a night from ~10:00 PM to 4:00 AM local time.  I have no idea what caused it. It just happened to be the first full day of collecting data. Must be beginners luck. 

Radiation Alarm Testing

Starting 3/6/14 23:30 and ending 3/7/14 2:30 I did a test of my datalogger's high radiation alarm feature. For the test I used a small piece of Uranium Ore purchased on eBay. I started with the ore at 4 feet from the Geiger counter and every two hours move it 1 foot loser to it. No noticeable increase from the background level was detected until the Uranium was 2 feet away. The increase was about 10 CPM. At 1 foot away the CPM went to over 50, above the maximum scale of the plots above.  

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