Upgrading PSN-SERIAL-ATOD Firmware using WinSDR

Firmware Download Links:

Version I ADC Board - Version 2.5

Version II ADC Board - Version 3.4

Version III ADC Board - Version 2.1

PSN_ADC24 Board - Version 1.9

Strong Motion Sensor Board - Version 1.9


WinSDR can upgrade the firmware on the PSN ADC boards. If you are having problems using WinSDR to upgrade your Version I board you should try the RFU Program. Please see this page for Version I firmware release notes.

This document describes how to upgrade the firmware (program) that runs on the ADC board. User will need to use a serial cable that support full handshaking to upgrade serial output ADC boards. Upgrading the A/D board will not work correctly if the serial cable only has transmit, receive and ground connect. Pins 1 through 8 must be connected at both ends of the cable, pin 9 is not used. 

Upgrading the Firmware:

Step 1: Download one of the firmware files above. Unzip and copy the .bin or .hex file to the root WinSDR directory. 

Step 2: Open the Upgrade A/D Board Firmware dialog box using the File / Upgrade Firmware menu items. This will open the following dialog box:

Step 2: Press the Browse button  to open the standard Windows File Open dialog box. Use this dialog to select the A/D board firmware file. This .bin or .hex file will start with RSDR, PSDR, DSDR or SDR24.  

Version I ADC users should do Step 3, Version II, III and VolksMeter user should skip this step.

Step 3: On the A/D board locate the three pin jumper JP1. Move the jumper block from pins 2-3 to 1-2. This will enable the firmware program mode of the RabbitCore CPU module. Also, make sure that the A/D board has power.

Step 3: Now press the Upgrade button. If  everything is working correctly you should see the Bytes Sent number increase as WinSDR sends the new firmware to the A/D board. The upgrade process takes about 30 seconds.

Version I ADC users should do Step 4, Version II, III and VolksMeter user should skip this step.

Step 4: After the firmware has been downloaded you will be asked to replace the JP1 jumper back to the 2-3 position. 

Step 5: After closing the dialog box, WinSDR will reset the A/D board. You can verify that the new firmware version is running on the A/D board by opening the Status Viewer. To open this viewer use the View / Status Viewer menu items. When WinSDR receives the status information from the A/D board it will display the firmware number in the Version field of the Remote A/D Board Status Information group box. 

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