Current World Wide Seismicity Helicorders

Page Last Updated: 06/17/2019

Rolling Hills Estates, California USA

Experimental Vertical Feedback Sensor - High Gain

Seismograph Image

Low Gain Image

San Jose, California USA

Seismograph Image

Grass Valley, California USA

Spokane, Washington USA

Seismograph Image

Seismograph Image

Huntsville, Alabama USA

Seismograph Image

Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia

More Images and Station Information

Infra-Sonic Sensor in Palo Alto California, USA

Seismograph Image

The Redwood City near real-time images are created using my new WinSDR datalogger program. The image on my main web page shows the North-South channel of a strong motion FBA-23 accelerometer sensor. The channel ID is LCNH. For more information and a photo of this sensor see this page. The image shows the last 12 hours worth of data from this sensor. 

The images above shows the last 24 hours worth of data from local and remote sensors I am monitoring and other PSN stations around the world.

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